Buzz Boss Pest Control
Buzz Boss Pest Control

Buzz Boss provides pest control services in Regina via "BuzzShield® packages" which create an invisible barrier around homes and yards. The Insect package offers protection from mosquitoes, ticks, ants, and spiders all season for a single flat payment, and includes optional WaspShield add-on. The rodent package delivers four-season defense against all types of rodents through a  subscription. This includes a BuzzShield® Bait-Box setup, with no required contracts or commitments, ensuring continuous rodent protection.

buzz boss pest control regina
Rox Pest Control
Rox Pest Control

Rox Bugs focuses on bed bug extermination in Regina and Southern Saskatchewan. They provide environmentally friendly and pet-safe solutions. Their staff is known for their expertise in bed bug eradication, using a high-tech, human & pet-safe heat assault unit. Rox Bugs educates customers about bed bugs, including their habits and how to identify them in homes. They are distinguished for their trustworthiness and knowledgeable service

rox bed bug exterminators
Pest Arrest Exterminating
Pest Arrest Exterminating

Pest Arrest Exterminating offers comprehensive pest control services for various settings, including residential, commercial, and industrial. Their website underscores the importance of addressing pest problems promptly and discreetly. They highlight their availability for quick, 24-hour service and free estimates. The company prides itself on being fully licensed and insured, ensuring reliable and professional pest control solutions. Testimonials featured on the site reflect customer satisfaction and the effectiveness of their services​

pest arrest exterminating
Bug Ninja Pest Control
Bug Ninja Pest Control

Bug Ninja Pest Control, a family-owned business in Regina, focuses on addressing the unique pest control needs of its clients. Their website showcases their commitment to providing discreet and effective services, employing trained and licensed technicians. Emphasizing the frustration of dealing with pest control issues, they offer tailored solutions and invest in quality service at an affordable price. The site reflects their dedication to solving pest problems and maintaining customer satisfaction through personalized attention

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Regina Pest Control Services

Welcome to Regina Pest Control, we offer a comprehensive business directory for pest control services in Regina. Our website connects you with the best pest management solutions in the city. Whether you’re facing challenges with rodents, insects, or other pests, residential or commercial — our list of pest control companies can help.

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How To

Choose a Pest Control Company

Reputation & Trust

Consider a company's reputation by checking reviews and testimonials to gauge reliability and customer satisfaction.

Licensing & Certification

Ensure your pest control service is licensed and certified, and in full compllance with all standards and regulations.

Experience & Expertise

Look for a pest control provider with proven experience and expertise in handling your specific type of pest problem.

Safety Measures

Ask about safety measures and types of chemicals used, prioritizing companies that use eco-friendly and safe practices.

Customer Service

Assess the quality of customer service, including responsiveness, professionalism, and willingness to address your concerns.

Cost & Value

Compare costs and evaluate the value offered, considering not just price but the effectiveness and comprehensiveness of the service.


"Buzz Boss effectively treated our acreage for spiders, demonstrating professionalism and providing excellent service. We appreciated the friendly attitude and how knowledgeable he was for all our other questions."
Regina Local
Robert H.
Google Reviewer
"Fantastic job by the guys at Rox bed bugs in Regina! Thank you for making my horrible situation less stressful! I would like to thank you for taking this very gross problem out of my hands and fixing it!"
regina neighborhood
Cara Ashworth
Google Reviewer
"Pest Arrest is a 5 star. Quick and friendly service. Came early morning, removed all of the yellow jacket nests. Answered all of my questions. I highly recommend them for your pest control issues."
local regina
Lynne McNab
Google Reviewer